Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This One's For You, Suzanne

Suzanne, over at Big Blue Wave, is one of those people who gets easily sucked in to all kinds of propaganda -- as long as it's being perpetrated by those who have declared war on a woman's right to choose her own body's reproductivity.

She likes to publish posters and pictures of "aborted fetuses."

Maybe this article -- with accompanying photographs -- will wake her up to the fact that she is being used.


CK said...

I wonder if she knows what photoshop is and what can be done in skilled hands, like a talented graphic artist.
I've argued with her on a few occasions and it's fruitless. She obviously prefers to remain in her little world.

Lady Janus said...

She knows, CK. She prefers to think otherwise.

And that's fine for her, if she wants to live with blinders. Problem is, she insists on spreading it like it's gospel and she's Aimee Semple MacPherson.

CK said...

Well, she certainly needs to repeat high school biology. She isn't alone unfortunately, if one were to believe the American stats as of late.

The whole thing scares me. Another example of western society going back in time, to the bad ol' days.