Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bear With

It's taking a little time to get my art hung in here. That sidebar looks awfully bare, I know, I know. I'm working on it...

Meantime, if you're looking for someplace interesting to engage in some thoughtful discussions, try Religion Clause. Professor Friedman tends to focus on issues regarding the American First Amendment, but he also links to international stories whenever religion and the law and/or the rights of individuals happen to coincide.

Then, if you want to have a little fun in the other direction, try poking Big Blue Wave. She's an absolute anti-choice, anti-feminist, Opus Dei-type Catholic PITA, and until she starts sounding like a broken record, she can be pretty diverting. For awhile. I'm not gonna guarantee you won't want to sharpen your teeth in anticipation of meeting her throat, though. I've felt like that a couple times, myself, when it comes to her and her type.

And, just to be friendly, go say hi to my friend Jean, all the way over in Moscow, Idaho! Among other things, she provides some of the best food porn I've ever seen! And ya gotta love a blog titled, "JeanC's Cat House And Shooting Society: Fat Witch With A Gun!"

Back soon.


Dame Janus said...

Comment I left on BBW post that may not make her censorship:

Ken if stupid women had to keep their legs closed, you'd never be able to have sex.

I vote we make stupid men keep their pants on, too."

Dame Janus said...

And for

You've obviously seen the question (twice) and decided not to answer, so I can only conclude that you think you don't need to back up your own accusations, all the while demanding that everyone else do it. Even defining "accusation" seems to be beyond your scope.

Your rules, and only you are exempt from them? I see. "Money where mouth is" only for others, not for you? Why would you then expect anyone to listen to anything else you have to say? Your credibility is non-existent if you can't follow your own path.